Well, Hello there! 

I'm Hillary! Welcome to my travel blog. 

Are you looking for travel inspiration? Do you love stunning landscape photos? Do you enjoy learning about far away (or close by) places? Do you like to feel as though you are on vacation while sitting in the comfort of your living room? If any of the above sounds like you, you've come to the right place! So sit back and pour yourself a Mai Tai, because I'm going to take you along on my adventures.  

I'm a travel addict and a nature lover. I have been drawn to the great outdoors for all of my living memory. I travel to see new sights and meet new people with new perspectives on life, and I always feel my perspective has changed after returning from each new adventure. I love the overwhelming feeling of seeing something truly amazing for the very first time. Those moments that leave you speechless and take your breath away. This is what keeps me traveling and searching out the next wonder. 

I've traveled my whole life, but recently I started to feel strongly that I wanted to be able to capture those moments and take them home with me, so I could relive them again and again and share them with others. So I switched from casual iPhone snaps (not that there's anything wrong with those!) to serious landscape photography, and I've truly found a passion. 

This blog is my natural next step, now I can share these moments, these images, with you and tell the stories that accompany them. My hope is that I'll help you plan an amazing vacation of your own, or that you'll at least be blown away by some of the moments that took my breath away. I hope you enjoy!

Much love, 


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